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Doctor Oz was asked by a lady why garlic gives you gas?  What can you do to stop garlic from making you fart?  The poor woman wants her hummus!  My heart goes out to anyone who can’t eat garlic because it causes gas, because I cannot imagine my life without garlic!  Dr Oz said that […]

Doctor Oz did a segment called “Am I Normal?” and a woman asked Dr Oz if is normal that she gets gas whenever she has a latte.  Do lattes cause her to have gas?  Her husband says that lattes make her farts smell like battery acid chemicals – oh my!  But she needs coffee for […]

Doctor Oz was asked by Shira, a woman in his audience, why do people pass gas at night while they sleep? sleeping girl from Crestock Stock Photo Dr. Oz said that 20% of the gas in our body is from what we swallow, but 80% is from the bacteria in our gut.  The bacteria do […]