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Dr Oz September 14 2012 Dr Oz September 14 2012 posed the question: how would your life change if you went to the desert with Dr Oz? For 50 women, the answers were varied and emotional. Get the Miraval Spa Cactus Salad Recipe and learn how even Dr Oz conquered his fear of heights on […]

Dr Oz: Fear of Heights What is your biggest fear? Dr Oz took 50 audience members to the desert to confront the things they’re most afraid of, and even he got in on the act. It turns out his biggest fear is heights, so he got paired up with someone else who was equally terrified […]

Dr Oz did a show called Master Your Fears: Overcoming Phobias, because 19 million Americans have some type of phobia.  Even Doctor Oz has a Fear of Heights!  If you or anyone you know has a phobia or fear, definitely pass this article on because the list of 4 Steps to Overcome Fears is a […]