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Doctor Oz’s Doctor Orders for April 14, 2010 are below. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member!: 1.  Reverse your heart damage by trying Dean Ornish & Dr. Oz’s Heart Disease Reversal Diet 28 Day Plan 2.  Use antiperspirant to prevent blisters from new shoes and learn about Blister First […]

Doctor Oz discussed what to do when you burn your skin at home… should you call 911? or treat the burns yourself?  Dr. Oz, wit the help of seat 46 – Virginia – his assistant of the day, answered everyone’s questions about burns.  The two most common household burns are scalds and contact burns (from […]

Dr Oz gave same fabulous tips in case you are ever in a car accident or need to do some emergency first aid on someone who is bleeding. Rally car crash from Crestock High Quality Images Dr. Oz’s 3 Do’s and Dont’s in an emergency: After calling 911, do the following: 1. Apply direct pressure […]

Dr. Oz’s Doctor Orders on January 15, 2010. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member!: Blueberries from Crestock Stock Photography 1.  Eat more blueberries to stop the aging process 2.  Replace salt with other herbs 3.  When treating a head wound, use a clean cloth, apply direct pressure and don’t […]

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