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Doctor Oz did a segment called Hot Flash Helpers to give us a list of Hot Flash Fighting Foods.  Three out of four women get hot flashes during menopause, so these tips will come in handy for most women at some point in their life!  Hot Flash Helpers Vitamin E Foods Dr Oz said that […]

Doctor Oz gave a Cheapskate Guide to Living Longer with four items that are all under $10.  Treat yourself to these items… it just might add years to your life!  Dr Oz’s Cheapskate List to Living Longer 1.  Black Tea Dr Oz usually talks about Green Tea, but today he spoke about the merits of […]

If Dr. Oz could only tell us to take one thing this year, what would it be?  It would be the same thing that Dr. Oz would take with him to a deserted island and also could be the top item to change our lives this year!  Dr. Oz played a game with three women […]

The Henry Family & the Burch  Family played Family Food on Dr. Oz.  So what super foods can help you to lose weight?  Here is what we learned from the great Dr. Oz: Red peppers from Crestock Photos Top 4 Foods with Fiber In Them: 1.  Flaxseed 2.  Oatmeal 3.  Whole Grain Bread 4.  Citrus […]

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