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Doctor Oz had a checkup with Steve, the Unhealthiest American, after just one month to see how he was progressing.  Dr Oz named Steve the Unhealthiest American in the country and sent him to the Cleveland Clinic to receive help from Dr. Michael Roizen and Kristin Kirkpatrick.  First, Steve had to quit smoking, because his […]

Doctor Oz introduced us to a group who wants to Get In Shape for a High School Reunion: Carolynn, Aimee & Tara on February 8, 2010.  The show aired again on April 20, 2010, which really makes me curious about how Carolynn, Aimee and Tara are doing now!  For those of you who need a […]

Doctor Oz brought Chef Rocco Dispirito, author of Now Eat This!: 150 of America’s Favorite Comfort Foods, All Under 350 Calories, on his show to teach us how to make decadent chocolate chip cookies in a healthy, low fat and low calorie recipe!  Rocco needed to lose weight and get healthy, but being a chef, […]

Doctor Oz spoke about what you can do about dandruff to keep your hair clean from flakes!  Everyone gets dandruff at one point or another, so this is great to knoWhat is dandruff?  Plus, what dandruff is not, are both very important to know.  For example, many people think dandruff is caused by not shampooing or showering enough, but […]

Doctor Oz’s Doctor Orders for March 16, 2010 are below. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member!: girl on a healthy diet from Crestock Stock Photo 1.  1 in 4 car crashes are caused by cell phones, so don’t send text messages or make phone calls while you drive! 2.  Sign Dr. Oz’s […]

Doctor Oz brought Marie, mother of three who used to be addicted to pre-packaged foods, on his show 28 days ago for the Pre-Packaged Food Detox show.  Now, just 28 days later, Marie has much more energy and here are her Truth Tube results: Apple Cinnamon Porridge from Crestock Creative Images Marie’s 28 Day Pre-Packaged […]

Doctor Oz had Carnie Wilson and Dr. Judi Hollis & Dr. Mike Roizen on his show at the beginning of February to help Carnie with her life long struggle with obesity.  Carnie is a singer, actress and game show host who has struggled with her weight since she was a young kid.  Carnie’s husband, Rob […]

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