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Dr Oz: Natural Antibiotics Dr Oz did a segment on Natural Antibiotics like Manuka Honey, Goldenseal and Adrographis.  Pina Logiudice joined Doctor Oz to talk about these Natural Antibiotic Remedies that are incredible for infections like cuts, sore throats, strep throat or even sinus infections. Dr Oz: Manuka Honey for Cuts Manuka Honey comes from […]

Dr Oz did a segment called Artificial Sweeteners: Are They Dangerous? Fact vs Fiction.  Can Artificial Sweeteners cause Cancer?  Plus, Doctor Oz gave three alternatives to Artificial Sweeteners.  Dr Oz: Artificial Sweetener Dangers Dr Oz said that artificial sweeteners began in the 1950’s with Saccharin, which made soda taste sweet with no calories, which was […]

Doctor Oz, as part of his Ultimate Anti-Aging Show, had some viewers show him (and his panel of dermatologists) some Anti-Aging Home Remedies. Some of the home remedies the dermatologists seemed to like and said they would try, but others they said they would avoid.   One viewer told Dr Oz that she has the best […]

Doctor Oz’s Doctor Orders for March 11, 2010 are below. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member!: Honey bee on yellow flower from Crestock Creative Images 1.  Don’t ignore warning signs from your body of serious diseases like colon cancer, diabetes & strokes. 2.  Detoxify your skin at home with […]

Dr. Oz had Marie Osmond on his show, as part of his Celebrity Edition of Ask Dr. Oz!  Marie recently lost 50 pounds and is the mother of eight.  She asked Dr. Oz what are some healthy treats she can feed her family. Avocado Isolated from Crestock Stock Photos Dr. Oz taught Marie a recipe […]

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