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Doctor Oz did a segment on Three Signs of Stress in Your Mouth, plus he gave some solutions to relieve tension and to check how healthy your gums are.  Dr Oz’s 3 Biggest Oral Signs of Stress 1.  Teeth Grinding: Mouth Guard & “Hook & Pull” Exercise Dr Oz said that people who grind their […]

Doctor Oz said that First Aid Mistakes you make could be deadly.  Lets see how much you know about the following first aid treatments.  Should You Lean Your Head Back During Nosebleeds? Dr Oz said that it is a mistake to lean your head backwards when you get a nose bleed, because you can swallow […]

Doctor Oz did a segment called “Tooth Truths” to teach whats true and false about white teeth.  Do you want to whiten your teeth?  What works for teeth whitening?  And do you want a great Teeth Whitener Home Remedy?  How does Dr Oz know EXACTLY what we are dying to know?  Teeth Whitening If used […]

Doctor Oz brought a woman named Karen on the Dr Oz Show to give her a mouth makeover!  Karen was so ashamed of her teeth that she did not even smile fully on her wedding day, so that people would not see her teeth.  She described her teeth as being embarrassing and awkward.  Karen’s teeth […]

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