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Doctor Oz played a game called Family Food on his television show to teach us what foods keep your memory sharp and your brain healthy.  The Fontes Family and the DiCarlo Family had to pick from a variety of foods including chocolate, cod fish, strawberries, salmon, artichokes, black beans, lemons, pumpkin, eggs and skim milk.  […]

Doctor Oz reviewed a bunch of home remedies and this particular home remedy is a great face mask made out of yogurt, sunflower oil and lemon juice. Lemons from Crestock Royalty Free Images Doctor Oz agreed that if you make a mixture of natural yogurt, sunflower oil, and lemon juice – blend it well – apply it […]

Doctor Oz played a game called Mood Boosters to teach us how to improve our moods with foods instead of with medicine and drugs.  See if you can guess what foods go with these clues and then scroll down to see the answers! vegetables in the basket from Crestock Royalty Free Photos Dr. Oz’s Mood […]