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Dr Oz: Drugstore Best Buys Did you know that if you shop wisely, you can save up to $100 per month? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Editor of Shopsmart Magazine, Lisa Lee Freeman, to give you the top drugstore discounts that will keep money in your pocket! (I likey!) Lisa says that […]

Dr Oz: Eat More To Weigh Less Want to know how to eat more and weigh less? (I know, who doesn’t right?) Skip the greasy burgers and salty French fries. Todd English, Candice Kumai and Aaron Sanchez (You may remember Aaron from The Food Network’s Chopped and other hit shows) join Doctor Oz to show […]

Dr Oz did a segment with Lisa Lee Freeman, editor of ShopSmart Magazine which is published by Consumer Reports, where they revealed the truth about As Seen On TV Products.  This Doctor Oz segment was called “As Seen On TV: Does It Work?” Dr Oz: As Seen On TV Gadgets Dr Oz knows that all […]

Dr Oz did a show revealing the secrets that the food industry does not want you to know.  After watching this segment, I do not know how I can go grocery shopping tonight!  Do you know what is in your food products?  From misleading labels to hidden, disgusting ingredients, Doctor Oz gave some great advice […]

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