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Doctor Oz was told by a lady in his audience that she lost 100 pounds in the past two years, and that she has a much better self-esteem now.  Why does weight loss have such a big influence on our self-esteem?  Dr Oz said that by losing weight, you allow your hormones to work the […]

Doctor Oz said that the more weight you gain, the higher your risk of Osteoarthritis, which makes a lot of sense because the extra weight puts more pressure on your joints.  Dr Oz said that losing weight can prevent Arthritis and that for each pound you lose, you will reduce the stress on your joints […]

Doctor Oz said that incontinence is the number one medical secret that women keep, and incontinence can develop at any age.  So what is a weak bladder?  What causes incontinence?  And most importantly, what can we do to prevent incontinence or to help incontinence?  Causes for Incontinence: 1.  Muscles around your bladder become weak. 2.  […]

Doctor Oz was asked by a lady what we can do to speed up the process of weight loss.  Should you do more cardio exercises?  Or more weight lifting?  Dr Oz said that she was asking the wrong question.  We should be asking how to “lose waist” not how to “lose weight.”  If you gain […]

Doctor Oz along with HeathCorps and Chiquita started the Dr Oz School Challenge 60 days ago – a Weight Loss for Teens program.  Dr Oz took 6 Overweight Teens from New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn, New York and put them on this Weight Loss for Teens program to teach them how to eat healthy.  […]

Doctor Oz did an episode on How Many Years Your Spouse’s Annoying Habits Are Taking Off  Of Your Life.  If your husband or wife snores or constantly nags – it could be taking a toll on how long you will live.  Jennifer Ashton, author of The Body Scoop for Girls: A Straight-Talk Guide to a […]

Doctor Oz was joined by Chef Art Smith, who used to be Oprah Winfrey’s chef in addition to being the author of many books including Back to the Table: The Reunion of Food and Family, to teach us how to make a positively delicious and healthy Whole Wheat Margherita Pizza Recipe. Homemade Pizza Detail from […]

Doctor Oz was told by Donna, a woman in his audience, that she goes to the gym five days a week and she has been doing it for three years but does not see any difference in her stomach. hips – losing weight series from Crestock Creative Images Dr. Oz said that we need to […]

Doctor Oz was asked by a woman who has sleep apnea if there is anything she can do about her sleep apnea, other than using the CPAP sleep apnea machine to sleep, which she has. sleeping girl from Crestock Photos Dr. Oz said that even though this particular woman doesn’t seem to have a weight […]

Dr. Oz & Rocco The Cowboy know that losing weight on your own is hard.  Rocco has lost 50 pounds since he was on the Dr. Oz show and now he traveled on the Dr. Oz bus to challenge a block in Riverside, California to a 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge! hat from Crestock Free […]

As part of Dr. Oz’s 100th show celebration, he featured 100 people in his audience who lost 100 pounds or more. Did you know that if you lose 5% of your weight, your body will start to heal itself? yes, you can actually reverse obesity! This means that if you are 300 pounds, and you […]

As part of Dr. Oz’s 100th show, he brought on the Dr. Oz 100 (100 people who lost at least 100 pounds).  Merrill was one of the Dr. Oz 100 and lost almost 200 pounds.  After having two sons, she stopped exercising.  Her weight ballooned to 380 pounds.  Even the largest size at the big […]

Dr. Oz’s Doctor Orders for February 4, 2010 are below. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member! Isolated lime fruits from Yuri Arcurs Website 1.  There is no quick fix to losing weight – toss the fad diets out! 2.  Prevent Shingles by getting a Shingles Vaccination once you are […]

Dr. Oz brought Dr. Judi Hollis and Dr. Michael (Mike) Roizen on his show to help Carnie Wilson, the daughter of Brian Wilson (one of the Beach Boys), with her battle over weight loss.  For those of you who don’t know about Carnie’s struggle with losing weight, here is a quick recap.  In 1999, Carnie […]

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