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Dr Oz: Miracle Berry Tablets Dr Oz’s show on June 29, 2012 covers something called a Miracle Berry that turns all foods (even sour foods!) sweet, a whole slew of Health Myths, cures for Anal Fissures and some fabulous Natural Pain Remedies.  Since I have a tremendous sweet tooth, the Miracle Berry segment was by […]

Dr Oz: Miracle Berry Makes Food Taste Sweet In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Adam Gollner, the author of “The Fruit Hunters” to discuss what this new miracle berry is and how it can help satisfy your sweet tooth and help you lose weight.  Doctor Oz spoke about the Miracle Berry before, and you can […]

The Land of Dr Oz, a Wizard of Oz themed Dr Oz Show, included a segment on Food Cures with Jeff Corwin, NBC News Science & Environment Expert.  Doctor Oz asked Corwin why are plants so critical for mainstream medicine?  Corwin said that many chemicals that become synthesized and used in plants begin originally in […]