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Dr Oz:  Dr Neal’s Near Death Experience  Dr Oz sat down with Dr. Mary Neal, a surgeon formerly skeptical of near death experiences, until she herself drowned while on vacation.  This trip was life-changing and certainly made her a believer.  The last day of her vacation, while her family was paddling down the river, she […]

Dr Oz: Our Brain After Death

By on September 29, 2011

Dr Oz and Dr Parnia Discuss What Happens to Our Brains After Death Dr Oz discussed what happens scientifically to our bodies when we die.  He said that understanding this is important because many people have claimed to have had near death experiences, which are situations in which their bodies were declared clinically dead, but […]

Dr Oz:  Do you believe in near death experiences? Doctor Oz talked with some guests that clinically flat-lined and still miraculously came back to life.   Dr Oz said patients have stopped breathing, with no pulse, and although on the outside they were dead, on the inside they still felt alive.  He talked with patients that […]