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Dr Oz September 20 2012 The Dr Oz September 20 2012 show went behind the scenes of the summer reality hit NY Med to find out what the doctors have been up to since the show. Get the inside story with updates on the captivating cases and curious relationships that resonated with viewers. Here’s Dr Oz […]

Dr Oz: NY Med Reunion Finale This episode featured a fun and informative reunion with the real life stars of ABC’s medical reality series NY Med. Check out the show’s biggest bloopers, regrets and fan letters. To wrap up the fun, Dr Oz showed some unaired footage you didn’t see on the show, complete with […]

Dr Oz: NY Med Updates Dr Oz spent his show with the cast of NY Med. But he was also a featured star of the show, behind the scenes at New York Presbyterian Hospital. In this segment, he caught up with his own mitral valve leak patient and got the remarkable story of a man […]

Dr Oz: NY Med – The Nurses Tell All Today’s show was a reunion with the cast of summer reality show NY Med. In another clip from the series, Dr Oz busted some of the nurses and interrogated them about their lunch choices. He wanted to talk with nurses from the show about their experiences […]

Dr Oz: Dr Arundi & Dr Anthony The cast of NY Med reunited on Dr Oz’s show, and as they explained, they develop close friendships as a result of their crazy schedules. Two friends in particular seem to have a special connection. You can tell they are friends because of the way they playfully bicker. […]

Dr Oz: NY Med Star Sebastian Schubl This summer’s hottest medical series was all real. Dr Oz reunited the cast of NY Med to talk about their experiences on the medical docudrama/soap. He also talked with the McDreamy of the cast, Dr Sebastian Schubl, about his current relationship status. Will he be the next Bachelor? One […]

Dr Oz: Inside NY Med This summer, while Dr Oz was in reruns, viewers got the chance to see him in a different light on the medical documentary series NY Med. It was set in the hospital where Dr Oz works as a surgeon, and he got the chance to interact with a new class […]

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