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Doctor Oz played a game with one of his viewers to try to guess her mystery recipe, which has a mystery ingredient for turning Cream of Carrot Soup into a healthy cream of carrot soup recipe.  The secret ingredients was rolled oats, who would have thought to put oats into soup?  Based on my experience […]

Doctor Oz discussed how to protect our skin during the cold winter months by playing a game called “Helpful or Harmful.”  Lets see how much you know about protecting your skin during the cold weather! chocolate flow from Crestock Stock Photos Dr. Oz’s Winter Skin Tips Game: Helpful or Harmful 1.  What kind of moisturizer […]

One of the most popular topics Dr. Oz is asked is about poop! What causes constipation? Why and when can’t you poop? Ann Marie, from seat 18, helped Dr. Oz investigate constipation.  The most common time for people to be constipated is in the morning and the top two reasons for constipation are 1. You aren’t […]

The Henry Family & the Burch  Family played Family Food on Dr. Oz.  So what super foods can help you to lose weight?  Here is what we learned from the great Dr. Oz: Red peppers from Crestock Photos Top 4 Foods with Fiber In Them: 1.  Flaxseed 2.  Oatmeal 3.  Whole Grain Bread 4.  Citrus […]

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