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Fattest Women in America Dr Oz’s show on August 7, 2012 is called The Fattest Women in America Face-Off.  Where do you stand in the Obesity Debate?  Four women told Doctor Oz they love being “obese” and four women said they absolutely hate it.  Dr Oz also spoke with Pauline Potter, who may just be […]

Dr Oz Show: February 7 2012 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from February 7, 2012- Eight Women Debate Obesity.  It has been a hot topic for years.  On today’s show, Doctor Oz invites 8 of the fattest women in America to […]

Dr Oz: Fattest Woman In the World On today’s show, Dr Oz had on Pauline Potter, the world record holder for The Fattest Woman In the World.  She took part in the Obesity Debate and went up against the 4 Women Who Hate Being Fat. In this segment, Dr Oz wanted to hear Pauline’s story […]