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Doctor Oz did a segment on treating acne with Sea Buckthorn Oil several months ago.  Have you tried using Sea Buckthorn Oil to treat your acne and pimples?  I have heard from several Dr Oz Fans readers, and it seems like for some people, the Sea Buckthorn Oil has worked very well for them.  Other […]

Doctor Oz, along with Chris Kilham (the Medicine Hunter and author of Hot Plants: Nature’s Proven Boosters for Men and Women), gave a great home remedy from Vanuatu in the South Pacific: Tamanu Oil!  Tamanu Oil grows on the beach and is great for your skin. beautiful beach Location from Crestock Creative Images Whether you […]

Doctor Oz’s Doctor Orders for March 10, 2010 are below. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member!: vegetable soup from Crestock Stock Photos 1.  Learn a sleep technique, like counting backward starting at 300 by 3’s or try these insomnia tips. 2.  Diet smart, not hard.  Fill up on the […]

Doctor Oz was asked by a lady about boils.  Where do boils come from and how do you prevent them? Portrait of an attractive woman with spectacles and short hair from Crestock Royalty Free Images Dr. Oz said that boils are commonly found where you have hair or behind your ears.  You should put a […]

Doctor Oz discussed acne and pimple myths, and taught us how to pop pimples and cure pimples with a special home remedy of Sea Buckthorn Oil. Needle with a thread from Crestock Royalty Free Photos Dr. Oz’s Acne & Pimple Myths: 1.  Is It Bad To Pop A Pimple? Yes!  When you pop a pimple, […]

Dr. Oz discussed blackheads and pimples, the war they wage on our faces, how blackheads can be deadly and most importantly, how we can get rid of these pesky blemishes! Sea Salt from Crestock Images Dr. Oz asked seat 76, Anne, to be his helper today.  So why do people get blackheads?  If the hair […]

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