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Doctor Oz did a segment on his viewer’s Beauty Secret Home Remedies and an audience member on Dr Oz’s show spoke about this Acne or Pimple Home Remedy using your own ear wax and q-tips.  My stomach turned when I heard about this Acne Home Remedy!  Gross!  Would you use this home remedy if it […]

Walt Willey from the soap opera All My Children was on the Doctor Oz show to ask a question for his friend about Hepatitis C.  Willey’s friend has had Hepatitis C for over 20 years, even before there was a letter after the word Hepatitis, and has been using a variety of different traditional Chinese […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on his viewer’s beauty secrets, and I must say that I am totally intrigued (after being a little grossed out) at the concept of a face mask made out of Kitty Litter! Relaxing with a partial clay mask from Crestock High Quality Images Doctor Oz was not sure about this […]

Dr. Oz discussed blackheads and pimples, the war they wage on our faces, how blackheads can be deadly and most importantly, how we can get rid of these pesky blemishes! Sea Salt from Crestock Images Dr. Oz asked seat 76, Anne, to be his helper today.  So why do people get blackheads?  If the hair […]

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