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Doctor Oz played a game called Snack Smack Down on his TV show where Terri and Lynda competed for the title of Healthy Weight Champion of the World!  Here are the results… lets commit to throwing out the 3 foods that Dr. Oz does not want in our kitchens! Wooden Apples Still Life from Crestock […]

Dr. Oz played a game called Eat the Clock with Phil and David to help learn about what foods cause kidney stones and what foods help to prevent kidney stones. Since men are more likely to get kidney stones than women, share this information with all of the important men in your life! oranges – […]

Dr. Oz played a game with two people in his audience called the Salt Hi / Lo Game!  Which food in each pair has more salt and which food has less salt. Potato chips from Crestock Stock Images It is ironic that a mineral as essential as water and air (salt) is also extremely dangerous […]