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Dr Oz: Raspberry Ketones Dr Oz’s popular Raspberry Ketone show is back!  When this show originally aired, touting Raspberry Ketones as Doctor Oz’s #1 Fat Burner Miracle, everyone’s ears perked up.  Who does not love the idea of a diet pill that comes from something as natural as red raspberries and that actually works to […]

Raspberry Ketones: Weight Loss Pills Or Scam? Dr Oz has discussed Raspberry Ketones on The Doctor Oz Show at least two times (here are the recaps: Raspberry Ketones and Raspberry Ketones Fat Burner).  But now he has set the “diet world” into an uproar.  Do Raspberry Ketone Pills and Supplements really help you to burn fat? […]

Dr Oz: Raspberry Ketones Burn Fat Did you know you can burn fat with just one little pill? (Seriously!) Dr Oz showed you raspberry ketone, the #1 miracle in a bottle to help burn your fat as part of his show on Fat Burners. Read on to find out what this one little fruit can […]

Dr Oz: Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters Dr Oz did a show called Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters to help people speed up their metabolisms, especially people over 40 years old.  Once you turn 40, you can eat the same way and exercise just as much, but all of a sudden you will notice fat depositing in […]

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