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Dr Oz: India Hair Remedies In this segment, Dr Oz showed a picture of him and his wife on their vacation and told viewers how they were amazed at the hair of the women in India.  Dr Oz then introduced Shalini Vadhera, the author of “Passport to Beauty.”  Shalini stated that her late grandmother had […]

Dr Oz Ovarian Cancer Warning Signs DR OZ FANS UPDATE: The recaps of this Dr Oz Show are now posted online. Here are the relevant links: Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer Symptoms & Warning Signs Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer Prevention: Kaempferol Foods & 2 Cups of Tea Dr Oz: EGCG Green Tea Extract & Vinegar Cocktail: […]

Dr Oz brought back Shalini Vadhera, author of Passport to Beauty, to teach us about some Anti-Aging Remedies From Around the World!  They gave Natural Remedies including a Face Mask from China, a Grape Skin Scrub from Italy, a Sake and White Camellia Oil Skin Remedy from Japan, and a Frizzy Hair Remedy from the […]

Dr Oz gave four Beauty Secrets From Around the World, along with his guest Shalini Vadhera, author of Passport to Beauty.  Doctor Oz said that some of the best and most natural beauty secrets can be found all around the globe.  In Australia they use yarrow root to prevent stretch marks.  In the Dominican Republic, […]

Doctor Oz gave some fabulous Beauty Secrets from Around the World.  These natural home remedies come from the Dominican Republic (DR), Spain and Chile.  Let’s learn how to make a Pantry Spa out of ingredients from our kitchen pantry!  Dr Oz said that having a Turkish  mother, and American daughters and a wife, he knows […]

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