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The Dr Oz Cancer Proof Your Life show including a segment on the number one cancer you can avoid – Skin Cancer.  Over 1 million Americans are diagnosed with Skin Cancer and almost 1 person every hour dies from it.  Doctor Oz said that Skin Cancer is preventable.  A Melanoma usually has pigment, but it […]

Dr Oz did a segment called “Turn Back Time” to teach us how to turn back the time on our bad habits.  Dr Oz said that he turned 50 this year and realized just how quickly time was flying by.  But do not worry, because it is never too late to turn back the time […]

Doctor Oz said that your hair color can give some insights into your future health.  So what type of Health Predictions can Hair Color warn us about?  What hair color is prone towards Parkinson’s Disease, Macular Degeneration, Skin Cancer and Hair Loss?  Brunette’s Bald & Hair Thinning Dr Oz said that if you have brown […]

Doctor Oz did a Cancer Prevention Clinic on the Dr Oz show, and I am sure that he will save another life or two by raising cancer awareness. Cancer is a life threatening disease that many people (including me!) fear the most. Dr Oz had three other doctors who beat cancer on his show: Dr […]

Doctor Oz gave a list of the 5 Best Cures From Around the World, which includes Bitter Melon from Japan, Noni Berry from French Polynesia, Cordyceps from Tibet China, Elderberry from Austria and Durian from Malaysia.  Do you know what these foods cure?  Dr Oz was joined by Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zones: […]

Doctor Oz spoke about a desire for a tan that becomes an obsession – it is called Tanorexia.  If you are a Sun Worshiper, listen up!  And don’t forget to send this to all of your Sun Worshiper friends who might be suffering from Tanorexia.  Tanorexia Signs & Symptoms: Dr Oz brought a lady on […]

Doctor Oz gave a list of 5 medical test that every woman needs to get to help screen for and prevent a variety of horrible medical problems including oral cancer, Ankle-Brachial Index, Depression, Skin Cancer and Glaucoma.  Make sure to send this article to every woman you know!  5 Medical Tests Every Women Needs 1.  […]

Over 1/3 of us will get cancer in our lifetime, so hopefully some of the information that Doctor Oz provided about cancer can help us to spot cancer early and save our lives.  Make sure to pass this information on to your friends and family!  The most common cancer in women is breast cancer, and […]

Dr. Oz’s 3 ways to look younger from his Ultimate Countdown were great! 20 years from now, 70 million of us will be over the age of 65. But don’t worry, time and science are on our side to keep us youthful and wrinkle free. Try Dr. Oz’s 3 simple foolproof remedies, and we will […]

On Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Countdown, Dr. Oz and Dr. Peter Kozuch discussed the 6 major cancer risks to help us protect ourselves from cancer.  Dr. Oz said that 1.5 million cases of cancer occur in the United States of America every year and that 1 in 3 women get cancer at some point during their […]

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