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Dr Oz Highlights: Kola Cola & Diet Beverage List Have you ever had someone toast to your health? If drinking alcohol seems counter-intuitive to good health, you can rest assured that Dr Oz gave some drinks his seal of approval this week. Whether you’re looking for adult beverages, kid-friendly soda substitutes, or quick items to pick up […]

Dr Oz Argireline Cream & Parsley Tea Dr Oz’s show on July 16, 2012 features the Fat-urday Cheat Diet Plan (which includes a list of Faturday Cheat Foods like Lucy’s Cookies and dark chocolate chili peppers!)  And if you are looking for a more instant form of gratification, Doctor Oz also gave tips for How to […]

Dr Oz: Anthony Caporale Skinny Cocktail Recipes Okay, okay, you’re on a diet but does that mean you have to cut out your favorite cocktails? The good news is, Doctor Oz says no. The bad news; well, there isn’t really any bad news. You still get to have your cocktails! Dr Oz was joined by […]