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Doctor Oz did a segment on After 40 Metabolism Boosters and then gave this fabulous list of Four Metabolism Boosters for Under $5.  The truth is, even if you are younger than 40, these tips are a great way to boost your metabolism if you are trying to lose weight. Four Metabolism Boosters for Under […]

Doctor Oz played a game called “Eat This, Beat That” on his television show to teach us foods that can heal our pain so that we can avoid drugs and painkillers and use natural home remedies to cure ourselves!  Match the ailments of headaches, joint pain and stomachaches to one of these six foods: strawberries, […]

Doctor Oz did a show on anorexia to teach us that eating disorders are not just for women.  Dr. Oz brought Bryan on his show.  Bryan has been struggling with Anorexia for 20 years and his Anorexia is killing him.  Bryan is 40 years old and weighs 76 pounds.  He knows he needs to live […]

Doctor Oz brought on to his show three former beauty queens who have all put on an extra 100 pounds and want to lose weight.  With the help of Jill Knapp, a former beauty pageant winner who went through the same process and successfully lost weight and cured her diabetes, I am sure that these […]

Dr. Oz brought an overweight couple on his show, Crystal and Mike, who have never consummated their marriage because they simply aren’t able to.  Since they got married, they have gained 60 pounds.  Mike has had diabetes and is very unhealthy… but Crystal already knew all of this before getting married. Crystal and Mike have […]

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