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Dr Oz: Ultherapy & Muffin Top Surgery Dr Oz’s Show on September 5, 2011 is about Cutting Edge Plastic Surgery Procedures, such as the Ultherapy Face Lift or the Turkey Neck Plastic Surgery.  Many women over the age of 40 years old have what is called a “Turkey Neck” (basically a sagging neck that can […]

Dr Oz: Plastic Surgery Cutting Edge Procedures Dr Oz’s show on July 15, 2011 is called Plastic Surgery: Cutting Edge Procedures.  Doctor Oz spoke about two plastic surgery treatments: Ultherapy & Muffin Top Liposuction.  Dr Haideh Hirmand demonstrated how to do the Ultherapy Face Lift, which is a plastic surgery treatment for a “Turkey Neck” […]

Doctor Oz’s “In Case You Missed It” segment for November 11, 2010 are below. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member and spread Dr Oz’s advice!  But before I get to what Dr Oz covered today, I also want to remind everyone to visit our new sister (Opinion Queen) to […]

Dr Oz did a show today called Plastic Surgery: Cutting Edge Procedures.  He spoke about two cutting edge plastic surgery procedures that can be done in less than 30 minutes, but can make you look 10 years younger.  Doctor Oz spoke about an Ultherapy face lift that uses ultrasound to get rid of sagging necks […]

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