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Doctor Oz did a segment called “Dr Oz’s Ultimate Checklist: Supplements” to discuss the four supplements and vitamins that every woman over 40 needs.  I am not sure why he just said women over 40, because he said that he personally takes each of these supplements every day, and the last I heard, Dr Oz […]

Doctor Oz’s Doctor Orders for April 27, 2010 are below. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member!:  1.  Buy Vitamins and Supplements from a large pharmacy or reputable store. 2.  Detect if you are Addicted to Prescription Drugs early by looking for signs of mood swings or needing lots of […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on Vitamins and Supplements and gave three great shopping tips so that we can be sure to get what we pay for when we go to buy Vitamins and Supplements.  Vitamin & Supplement Shopping Advice 1.  Single Ingredient Supplements Try to take only single ingredient supplements.  The best is if […]

Doctor Oz did a test on the his segment on Vitamins & Supplements to test if a vitamin and supplement is effective by heating the pill in a vinegar bath.  Dr Oz said since most Vitamins and Supplements are not supposed to be slow release, you can do this test at home to check to […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on Vitamins and Supplements.  Do you know what is in your supplements?  Dr Oz reviewed a variety of different Vitamins and Supplements including Green Tea Extracts, Weight Loss Pills and Chondroitin.  What Vitamins and Supplements are safe and which have illegal ingredients in them and are not safe?  Dr Oz […]

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