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Doctor Oz gave great Anti Aging advice for people in their 30’s.  In your 30’s, life is complicated with relationships, kids, and a career.  You will notice subtle chances in your face from smoking, drinking, tanning and pollution which will take a toll on how you look.  Collagen begins to be lost and fine lines […]

Doctor Oz re-aired his show Ask Dr. Oz: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Edition.  The number of older adults is growing fast, and Dr Oz said that by 2030, 70 million people will be over the age of 65.  Sounds like the nursing home business is a great business to go into!  Nobody wants to look or […]

Doctor Oz gave tips for how to Look 10 Years Younger and Save Money with drugstore bargains for Undereye Bags, Laugh Lines & Wrinkles Around Your Mouth and Facial Discoloration.  Here is a recap of the shown on how to Look Younger for Less.  I first saw this episode of the Dr Oz show on […]

Doctor Oz’s Doctor Orders for April 22, 2010 are below. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member!:  1.  Avoid technology overload and limit yourself to 10 text messages a day.  Get on board with Dr. Oz’s 28 Day Digital Diet to Detox Internet & Technology Addicts! 2.  Prevent bedbugs by […]

Doctor Oz’s Doctor Orders for April 2, 2010 are below. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member!: casual woman portrait in green from Crestock Stock Images 1.  Prepare your meals for the week in advance (like on weekends), and try Dr. Oz’s 9 to 5 Diet Plan for the Office […]

Doctor Oz discussed home remedies and told which remedies work and which do not work.  A lady said that she prevents wrinkles by painting white school glue on her face, letting it dry for 10 minutes, and then removing with warm water.  She also uses honey to moisturize her face and apple cider vinegar and water […]

Dr. Oz showed us his home and his nightly bedtime ritual to rejuvenate and keep himself young (did anyone else notice his gorgeous, crystal light fixture in his bathroom?).  So how does Dr. Oz turn back the clock while he sleeps?  First, he brushes his teeth for two minutes, because that is how long it […]

Dr. Oz’s 3 ways to look younger from his Ultimate Countdown were great! 20 years from now, 70 million of us will be over the age of 65. But don’t worry, time and science are on our side to keep us youthful and wrinkle free. Try Dr. Oz’s 3 simple foolproof remedies, and we will […]

Are you over 40?  Is your skin and hair changing?  Dr. Oz calls this a woman’s midlife puberty or second puberty.  So how does Dr. Oz suggest women can regain control from their hormones during this midlife puberty (similar to menopause)? Midlife Puberty Skin Changes: Natural beauty applying make up from Crestock Photos Patty from […]

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