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Dr Oz Energy Tea: Yerba Mate Review Dr Oz’s show on August 22, 2012 is all about the truth behind Energy Drinks.  You see them in every grocery store and even in vending machines.  But do energy drinks really work?  Or are there better beverage options to give you a boost?  For example, have you […]

Dr Oz: 3 Rules To Follow Within 30 Minutes of Waking Up As part of Dr Oz’s Jumpstart, Fitness Guru, Tim Ferriss, joined Doctor Oz to show you what 3 rules you should follow within 30 minutes of waking up to supercharge your health with things like Yerba Mate Tea and Cassia Cinnamon. An audience […]

Dr Oz Miracle Drinks Dr Oz played a game called the $500 Health Drop to teach us about Miracle Drinks to keep you young such as Yerba Mate Tea, Celery Juice and Mango Juice.  Here is what Doctor Oz had to say about each of these healthy drinks: Dr Oz: Celery Juice Protects Heart Doctor […]