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Dr Oz did a segment called “Turn Back Time” to teach us how to turn back the time on our bad habits.  Dr Oz said that he turned 50 this year and realized just how quickly time was flying by.  But do not worry, because it is never too late to turn back the time […]

Doctor Oz was asked by a woman in her 40’s what is a good skin regimen to keep a young glow with Skin Glow Products.  Skin Glow Products 1.  Do not use harsh soaps, which expose your skin to the elements.  Instead use a non-soap fash wash, which is one of the amazing Skin Glow […]

Doctor Oz gave us a 5 step plan for spring cleaning our skin, so that our skin will be ready for the spring and summer, after all of the winter months have damaged our skin.  During the winter, our skin often gets dried out and cracks, making our skin look older than it really is.  […]