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Dr Oz: 7 Day Miracle Plan to Boost Your Metabolism  In this segment, Dr Oz profiled several women representing the most common problems that people face when trying to boost their metabolism.  Dr Oz’s guests included Lisa (Levittown, NY), Jill (Phillipsburg,NJ), Ellen (Ocean, NJ), Stephanie (New York, NY), Robin (Cazenova, NY), and Patricia (Ocean, NJ).  […]

Doctor Oz gave a list of 4 Health Boosters that include ginger, halibut, pumpkin seeds and asparagus.  Since we want to keep our heart, minds and bodies healthier – these are a great way to boost your overall health and your relationship with your loved one.  I wish that I was one of his lucky […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on ways to make yourself look younger.   The secret to looking young is not necessarily a product from your drugstore, but it may just be the foods you are eating.  Here are some of Dr Oz’s favorite anti-aging foods to make you look younger!  1.  What Food Prevents Your Teeth […]