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The Doctors June 11 2012 Everyone has a slightly different personality, but there are some common traits that are easy to pick out among a group of family or friends. Did you know that certain personality traits could actually be harmful to your health? That was the subject of The Doctors June 11 2012 show. […]

The Doctors Weekly Review From what’s really in your food to the amazing story of a decapitated woman’s survival, The Doctors had the stories you were talking about all week long. Did you hear about the Digest Diet or the Brazilian Peel? Here are the hottest stories that The Doctors featured on their show, in […]

The Doctors June 8 2012 It’s gross to think about, but there are lots of body parts that, itch, burn, and ooze. Do you know what to do about these upsetting symptoms? That was the theme of The Doctors June 8 2012 episode, and here are some of the highlights from the show’s segments. The […]

The Doctors June 7 2012 Start your summer off right with advice from The Doctors on how to “lose weight, live longer and sleep better.” Find out how jumping on your back yard trampoline can help you get safe, effective exercise. Plus, Dr Travis Stork’s experiment shows the upsetting effects of aging on the body. […]

The Doctors June 6 2012 It’s the amazing story of survival you’ll only hear about from The Doctors. Find out how a Tennessee woman was partially decapitated. She appeared in the studio to share her amazing survival story. Plus, get advice on dealing with Spider Veins, Menstrual Cramps and even migraines. Check out these segments […]

The Doctors June 5 2012 What do liquids have to do with health? Though the majority of prescriptions and supplements we take are in pill form, there are still a lot of health benefits to be found from liquids. But they pose several health questions as well, and that’s why The Doctors devoted this show […]

The Doctors June 4 2012 Before you pull up to your favorite drive thru window, you may want to think about what The Doctors uncovered in their special investigation with star chef Rocco DiSpirito.  Plus, you must try Rocco’s Instant Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe.  The Pink Slime Controversy could make your stomach turn. Plus, what […]

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