Bite Counter Watch Review: Counting Bites To Lose Weight


The Doctors: Counting Bites To Lose Weight

The Doctors medical team is always on top of the latest diet and wellness trends, and this time they tackled something we do each day: chewing. Could counting the number of bites you eat help you in your weight loss goals?

The Drs TV: Bite Counter Watch Review

Dr. Travis Stork discussed the Bite Counter Watch, a wristwatch you can wear to track your consumption at meals. Just turn it on before you start your meal, and when you are finished, the watch will total up how many bites you took, as well as how many calories you took in.


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    I lost alot of weight counting my bites! But you can do it without the bite watch! A 99 cent app that counts bites for you is what I used. Check out my blog on how I lost wieght!

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