Breast Implants Cancer Risk & ER Fatigue: The Doctors June 8 2012 Recap

By on June 8, 2012

The Doctors June 8 2012

It’s gross to think about, but there are lots of body parts that, itch, burn, and ooze. Do you know what to do about these upsetting symptoms? That was the theme of The Doctors June 8 2012 episode, and here are some of the highlights from the show’s segments.

The Doctors: Does Vodka Destroy Your Stomach Lining?

The Doctors June 8 2012: Breast Implants Cancer Risk

Do Breast Implants increase a woman's cancer risk? Get answers to Breast Health questions from The Doctors June 8 2012 show.

Many people enjoy a few cocktails now and then. But is there truth to the popular theory that alcohol can destroy your stomach lining? The Doctors cleared up some confusion. Plus, animals do it all the time, but is it healthy to lick open wounds?

The Doctors: Do Vodka & Alcohol Destroy Your Stomach Lining?

The Drs: Nerve Pain Injections & Breast Hair Removal

Are you trying to figure out the best way to deal with unwanted breast hair? Or is chronic nerve pain making you uncomfortable? The Doctors shared some of the latest cutting edge treatments for medical complaints like these. Also, learn why one of your nostrils will always be more clogged than the other.

The Doctors: Nerve Pain Injections & Breast Hair Removal

The Doctors: Bloody Nipple Discharge

Women may not like to talk about it, but sometimes the breast nipples can produce a discharge. Sometimes this symptom is harmless, but should you be alarmed if you notice blood from the nipples?

The Drs: Breast Implants Cancer Risk

Does having Breast Implants increase your cancer risk? Learn why you should get a Mammogram before you pick out implants, and find out the alternative tests you can use to measure your breast health over time. Find out everything you need to know about Breast Implants and your health.

Breast Implants, Cancer Tumors & Mammogram Alternatives

The Doctors: What Makes You Left Handed

Are you Left Handed or Right Handed? What causes us to choose one hand over the other as our dominant hand? The Doctors share some research theories behind this. Plus, why Red Wine makes some people tingly down there.

The Doctors: Left Handed Vs Right Handed Causes

The Drs: Emergency Room Fatigue

Doctors work long hours under stressful conditions, and they’re human too. Find out what to do in the alarming situation that your emergency room doctor seems to be falling asleep. Also, what to do about scalp pain.

The Drs: Why Hair Hurts & Emergency Room Fatigue

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