Decapitated Woman & Slacklining Workout: The Doctors June 6 2012

By on June 6, 2012

The Doctors June 6 2012

It’s the amazing story of survival you’ll only hear about from The Doctors. Find out how a Tennessee woman was partially decapitated. She appeared in the studio to share her amazing survival story. Plus, get advice on dealing with Spider Veins, Menstrual Cramps and even migraines. Check out these segments from The Doctors June 6 2012 show.

The Drs: Decapitated Woman Survives

Decapitation Surgery: The Doctors June 6 2012

Would you believe it's possible to survive internal decapitation? Learn about the remarkable, life-saving surgery featured on The Doctors June 6 2012 show.

Judy’s life changed in an instant when she was rear ended, but her insurance coverage didn’t get her the medical attention she needed. Amazingly, she persisted and got a Vanderbilt neurosurgeon to take on her case. That’s when she learned she had been partially decapitated in her accident. Find out about this rare condition and the shocking surgery that saved her life. Plus, find out how Judy is doing now.

The Doctors: Decapitated Woman Neck Reconstruction Surgery

The Doctors: Migraine Remedies & Blood Pressure Check

For some patients, Migraines are the worst type of pain imaginable. But new treatments are emerging all the time, and this means that hope could be around the corner for headache sufferers. Also, do you know the proper way to monitor your own Blood Pressure between doctor’s office visits?

The Drs: Migraine Natural Remedies | How To Check Blood Pressure

The Drs: Menstrual Cramp Stretches

Did you know that certain positions might increase your chance of conceiving a child? If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, check out The Doctors advice about what positions could increase your odds. Plus, learn how Yoga stretches can actually help relieve the cramping pains of the monthly menstrual cycle.

The Doctors: Polidocanol Injections & Summer Spider Vein Treatment

If you’re self conscious about your Spider Veins, check out the exciting new Polidocanol treatment that was demonstrated on The Doctors. Plus, is it better to get your treatment process started in the summer or the winter? Find out the answer.

The Doctors: Polidocanol Spider Vein Injection Treatment

The Drs: Slacklining Workout

If you’re looking for a new exercise routine this summer, think about trying Slacklining. This is a popular tightrope fitness craze you can do in your own back yard, and The Doctors got a demonstration from professional competitors. Find out how to try this out for yourself.

The Doctors: Slacklining Tightrope Fitness Core Workout Review

The Doctors: Alzheimers Disease Clock Test

Alzheimer’s Disease is a growing cause of death for Americans, and knowing the symptoms is key so you can help family members with early detection. Find out the simple test you can try if you’re getting concerned about a loved one.

The Drs: Alzheimer’s Disease Clock Test & Caregiver Treatments

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