Hot Flash Spray & Adiana Birth Control: The Doctors June 11 2012 Recap

By on June 11, 2012

The Doctors June 11 2012

Everyone has a slightly different personality, but there are some common traits that are easy to pick out among a group of family or friends. Did you know that certain personality traits could actually be harmful to your health? That was the subject of The Doctors June 11 2012 show. Here are all the segments from the episode.

Hot Flash Relief Spray: The Doctors June 11 2012

The Doctors June 11 2012 episode stressed the importance of health at any age, from Adiana Birth Control to Hot Flash Spray and even the new trend of Menopause Parties.

The Doctors: Gyno Guide & Pap Smears

Procrastination can be bad news when it comes to your health. Annual health checkups and exams are vital for keeping an eye on health problems before they escalate into serious issues. The Doctors discussed the importance of an annual Pap Smear with Dr Lisa’s Gyno Guide. Plus, it’s important for men to have rectal Prostate Exams.

The Doctors: Rectal Prostate Exam | Gyno Guide & Pap Smears

The Drs: Hot Flash Relief Spray

Hot Flash Relief Spray is one way you can work to control your symptoms. Being indifferent about your health can actually age you prematurely, which is why some women now throw Menopause Parties to celebrate the importance of their changing health needs through the years. Also, see why it’s so important to have regular eye exams.

The Doctors: Hot Flash Relief Spray Review & Eye Exam Health Warnings

The Doctors: Laziness Health Consequences

Relaxing on the couch may sound like a good way to recharge, but did you know that laziness can actually be hazardous to your health? Learn the difference between Laziness and Lethargy. If you’re always taking the elevator, learn why it might be time to switch to the stairs once in awhile. The Doctors explored the connection between laziness and obesity.

The Doctors: Skyscraper Running & Laziness Vs Lethargy

The Drs: BARS Chronic Hernia Relief Surgery

Complacency was another one of the personality traits that can be a health hazard, according to The Doctors. If you’re experiencing Chronic Pain, suffering in silence can actually make the problem worse. Learn about an interesting surgery that is giving hernia sufferers much needed relief and preventing the recurrence of chronic hernia pain.

The Doctors: BARS Chronic Hernia Relief Surgery Results

Medtronic Adaptive Stim Restore Spinal Cord Stimulator

Rather than be a know-it-all, some people would prefer to know nothing. But ignorance can be especially deadly when it comes to your health. Back pain is a huge issue for Americans, and sometimes it can be hard to manage. But The Doctors featured an innovative spinal cord stimulator that some patients are excited about, because it means they can finally have back pain relief.

The Doctors: Medtronic Adaptive Stim Restore Spinal Cord Stimulator Review

The Doctors: Adiana Permanent Birth Control

Have you been rethinking your approach to birth control? There are plenty of options out there, and The Doctors talked about a newer procedure called Adiana. It’s quick and requires no cuts, which means it’s one more option for women looking to find the best solutions for their needs.

The Doctors: Adiana Permanent Birth Control Procedure Review

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