Rocco DiSpirito Instant Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe: The Doctors

By on June 4, 2012

The Doctors June 4 2012

Before you pull up to your favorite drive thru window, you may want to think about what The Doctors uncovered in their special investigation with star chef Rocco DiSpirito.  Plus, you must try Rocco’s Instant Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe.  The Pink Slime Controversy could make your stomach turn. Plus, what you need to know about Vitamin A, Bread Additives, and more health advice. Check out The Doctors segments for more details.

The Doctors: Pink Slime Scandal & Sugar Tax Controversy

Rocco DiSpirito: The Doctors June 4 2012

Chef Rocco DiSpirito investigated Pink Slime & other food hazards with The Doctors June 4 2012. (lev radin /

Pink Slime doesn’t sound appetizing, and that’s because it’s not. Could your favorite fast food meal be made up of unspeakable animal parts? The Doctors and Chef Rocco DiSpirito investigate. Then, you may have heard about the recent New York City policy banning large sugary drinks. Could a tax on sugar be next? What do you think about these provocative policies?

Pink Slime Ammonia in Fast Food Burgers & Sugar Tax Controversy

The Doctors: Chicken Chlorine Baths

If you’re not eating red meat, chances are you are probably a fan of chicken entrees. But some watchdogs are raising concerns about how chicken is processed in America. Find out what Chlorine has to do with America’s favorite white meat. Plus, learn what to look for so you can avoid contaminants when buying chicken at the store.

The Doctors: Chicken Chlorine Baths & How To Buy Healthy Chicken

Rocco’s Instant Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Chef Rocco DiSpirito believes in fresh ingredients, without the chemicals and additives that many food corporations use to take shortcuts. See how he taught The Doctors to make a fresh alternative with his Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe.

Chef Rocco DiSpirito’s Instant Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

The Doctors: Bread Additives Cause Asthma

Breads have been a popular food item for centuries, but are modern manufacturing practices baking extra chemicals in? Find out how your morning toast or peanut butter and jelly sandwich could be causing Asthma and even Cancer in you or your family.

The Doctors: Do Bread Additives Cause Cancer & Asthma

Reader’s Digest Diet Review

If you’re looking for a new diet to try this summer, the team at Reader’s Digest has one in mind. They had readers try out their plan and found you can eat delicious foods every day and still lose weight. Plus, how fatty foods can help you lose weight.

The Drs: Readers Digest Diet Results & Weight Loss Fatty Foods

The Doctors: Vitamin A & Calcium in Vegetables

Moms everywhere have been making kids eat their veggies before dessert for decades. But according to The Doctors, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re getting the nutritional benefits of vegetables in your diet.

The Doctors: Vitamin A & Calcium Vegetable Health Benefits

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  1. Why did Rocco put xanthan gum in the strawberry ice cream recipe? Isn’t it an additive that we best avoid? Thanks.

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