Rocco DiSpirito Instant Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe: The Doctors


The Doctors June 4 2012

Before you pull up to your favorite drive thru window, you may want to think about what The Doctors uncovered in their special investigation with star chef Rocco DiSpirito.  Plus, you must try Rocco’s Instant Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe.  The Pink Slime Controversy could make your stomach turn. Plus, what you need to know about Vitamin A, Bread Additives, and more health advice. Check out The Doctors segments for more details.

The Doctors: Pink Slime Scandal & Sugar Tax Controversy

Rocco DiSpirito: The Doctors June 4 2012

Chef Rocco DiSpirito investigated Pink Slime & other food hazards with The Doctors June 4 2012. (lev radin /


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    Why did Rocco put xanthan gum in the strawberry ice cream recipe? Isn’t it an additive that we best avoid? Thanks.

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