Sleep Apnea Tonsillectomy & Aging Simulation: The Doctors June 7 2012

By on June 7, 2012

The Doctors June 7 2012

Start your summer off right with advice from The Doctors on how to “lose weight, live longer and sleep better.” Find out how jumping on your back yard trampoline can help you get safe, effective exercise. Plus, Dr Travis Stork’s experiment shows the upsetting effects of aging on the body. Here are all the segments from The Doctors June 7 2012 show.

The Drs: Teen Talks Backwards & Sexist Toy Marketing

Kids Health Advice: The Doctors June 7 2012

Trying to get a handle on aging & health problems? According to The Doctors June 7 2012 show, the best prescription might be to think like a kid again.

We’ve all heard about teens talking back to their parents. But The Doctors met a YouTube sensation who can actually talk backwards. She shared her unique talent. Plus, meet a toddler who weighed in with her concerns about sexist toy marketing.

Children Trapped in Toy Machines | Alyssa: Teen Talking Backwards

The Doctors: Sleep Apnea Tonsillectomy Surgery

Sleep Apnea is a scary condition where people actually stop breathing in their sleep. Solutions include large CPAP breathing machines, but can a Tonsillectomy surgery actually help to clear up the symptoms of this condition? Plus, find out whether there’s too much sugar in your children’s cereal.

The Doctors: Tonsillectomy for Sleep Apnea | Cereal Sugar Content

The Drs: Springfree Trampoline Review

The Doctors fans know that pediatrician Dr Jim Sears is really a big kid at heart. That’s why he was the perfect person to visit an indoor playground in LA. Plus, check out the Springfree Trampoline shown on The Doctors, and find out how it can help you and your family get a safe summer workout.

The Doctors: Springfree Trampoline Review & Adult Playgrounds

The Drs: Dr Travis Stork MIT Aging Simulation

Drunk driving simulators tour college campuses to warn students about the consequences of getting behind the wheel. But MIT researchers have now developed a way for people to learn the health consequences their bad habits could cause for them as they age. Dr Travis put it to the test, and he was shaken by what he experienced.

The Doctors: MIT Aging Suit Simulation & Elderly Health Problems

The Drs: Dangers Of Holding Your Urine

Dr Oz loves to talk about poop, but this time it was The Doctors who were addressing a bathroom issue. If you have a habit of holding your urine and waiting to go to the bathroom, find out why you might want to rethink the practice. Learn about the health dangers; plus, find out how a stethoscope really works.

Holding Your Urine Health Dangers & How A Stethoscope Works

The Doctors: mOmma Baby Utensils Review

As a new parent, you should know it’s never too early to help your baby expand their world. Find out how mOmma Baby Utensils help babies develop motor skills early, and learn why playing with your food can be healthy at any age.

The Doctors: mOmma Baby Utensils Review & Playing With Your Food

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