The Doctors: Decapitated Woman, Digest Diet Review & Brazilian Peel

By on June 9, 2012

The Doctors Weekly Review

From what’s really in your food to the amazing story of a decapitated woman’s survival, The Doctors had the stories you were talking about all week long. Did you hear about the Digest Diet or the Brazilian Peel? Here are the hottest stories that The Doctors featured on their show, in case you missed anything or want to learn more.

Rocco’s Instant Strawberry Ice Cream

Rocco's Strawberry Ice Cream & Digest Diet: The Doctors

Rocco's Instant Strawberry Ice Cream & the Digest Diet were some of your most talked about segments on The Doctors this week.

Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito takes food seriously. After he talked with The Doctors about some serious concerns in our nation’s food industry, he whipped up a healthy dessert recipe that everyone loved. Check out how you can make Rocco’s Instant Strawberry Ice Cream this weekend.

Chef Rocco DiSpirito’s Instant Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

The Doctors Decapitated Woman

Did you see the amazing story of survival this week on The Doctors? After a car accident, the Decapitated Woman complained of neck pain, but no one took her seriously. Miraculously, she got the medical attention she needed just in time and lived to tell her surprising and rare story of being internally decapitated.

The Doctors: Decapitated Woman Neck Reconstruction Surgery

The Doctors Digest Diet Review

Leave it to the team at Reader’s Digest to come up with a creative diet that can help you slim down and get in shape after just 21 days. Find out why readers are loving The Digest Diet, and how you can get started on your goals of getting serious about your nutrition and health this summer.

The Drs: Readers Digest Diet Results & Weight Loss Fatty Foods

The Doctors Brazilian Peel & Kate Somerville Glow Kit

If you’re getting ready for a special event, do you know how far in advance you should get your Botox treatment? The Doctors shared advice to help you look your best on the big day. Plus, you can get started at home with products such as the Brazilian Peel and the Kate Somerville Glow Kit.

The Doctors: Brazilian Peel & Kate Somerville Glow Kit Reviews

The Doctors Toilet Drops

Keeping your bathroom smelling great is a challenge on a good day. But The Doctors recently talked about a product that can help clear up the unpleasant odors sometimes associated with nature’s call. Just A Drop Toilet Drops have been a hot topic for viewers of The Doctors. Let us know if they work for you.

The Drs: Hemorrhoid Pain, Plunging Poop & Just A Drop Toilet Odor

The Doctors Week In Review: June 4 – 8 2012

Here’s a look back at the rest of this week’s hot topics on The Doctors.

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