10-10-10 Savings Rule & Superstar Cyndi Lauper’s Memoir

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10-10-10 Savings Rule & Superstar Cyndi Lauper’s Memoir

By on September 17, 2012

September 17 2012 Talk Shows

Cyndi Lauper has written a book about her crazy career. CBS is tackling a new rendition of the Sherlock Holmes story. And the ladies at Today are learning a memorable money saving tactic. Here’s what you missed on September 17 2012 talk shows.

GMA: Cyndi Lauper Memoir Review & ‘Memphis Blues’

10-10-10 Savings Rule & Superstar Cyndi Lauper's Memoir

Learn about the 10-10-10 savings rule and get the inside story of Cyndi Lauper’s new memoir; September 17 2012 talk show highlights. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Cyndi Lauper is back in the spotlight. The ’80s starlet is opening up about her crazy career and what she plans to do for her next chapter. Find out what she told GMA about her future plans and latest album, Memphis Blues. Plus, get your hands on a copy of her Memoir.

Lucy Liu as Watson in Elementary

Familiar actress Lucy Liu is back on TV this fall with the new CBS detective drama Elementary. But what makes this role stand out? Lucy gets the chance to play the first-ever female Watson in this retelling of the classic Sherlock Holmes series, starring Jonny Lee Miller. She talked about her latest gig and learning meditation from Deepak Chopra.

Money Nightmares & 10-10-10 Rule on Today

Are you having your own money nightmares lately? Kathie Lee and Hoda got expert financial advice from experts who studied what women worry about the most when it comes to money. Find out about the 10-10-10 rule they suggested using as a baseline for your budget.

Ellen: So You Think You Can Dance Top 4

The final contestants from this summer’s season of So You Think You Can Dance took to Ellen’s stage for an invigorating performance. Find out who will win on the show’s September 18 2012 finale.

The Doctors: Best Flooring for Allergies

If you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, there is finally something you can do to make your home a more welcoming environment. Find out the best types of flooring for severe allergy sufferers, and check out the special allergy-busting vacuum cleaner The Doctors gave their whole audience.

Talk Show Recaps: September 17 2012

Here are the day’s full episode recaps from your favorite shows.

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