5 Talk Show Hits of June 25-29: Cold Salmon Recipe & Kate Somerville

By on June 30, 2012

Talk Show Hits: June 25-29

Are you looking for something tasty to whip up for your family and friends this weekend? Or maybe you want to catch up on the latest news and gossip from your favorite talk shows. Here’s what you missed on favorite shows this week, including recipes, health tips and much more from Talk Show Recaps for June 25-29 2012.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Cold Salmon & Blueberry Tart Recipes

Cold Salmon Recipe: Talk Show Hits June 25-29

Check out a great Cold Salmon Recipe you can make this weekend, from Talk Show Hits for June 25-29.

With record heat blanketing large portions of the country this weekend, you may not be in the mood to fire up the grill. How about some cold dishes to try out? This week, Kathie Lee & Hoda welcomed Jacques Haeringer, who shared his recipes for Cold Salmon with Black Sesame Crust and Herb MayonnaiseOrange and Watercress Salad and Blueberry Tart.

Grilling With The Stars: Pineapple Chicken Skewers Recpie by Ashanti

If you are cooking out this weekend, we have you covered for that as well. All summer long, Live With Kelly has been cooking up competition in the show’s Grilling with the Stars challenge. This week’s contestant, Ashanti, shared her favorite grilled dish with a Pineapple Chicken Skewers Recipe. You’ll definitely have to put this one on your Pinterest board or try it out this weekend.

Avocado & Tomato Pita: 100 Calorie Snack Recipes

Eating lighter in the summer is one way you can beat the heat. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tasty and health conscious snacks, which is why The Doctors shared their best ideas for 100 calorie snacks, at home or on the go. Get their ideas for the Avocado & Tomato Pita, Lemon Sorbet, and Strawberry Yogurt Parfait from the show. Plus, find out the right amount of Pistachios or Edamame to keep it at 100 calories.

The Doctors: Kate Somerville Anti-Aging Beauty Product Reviews

Do you want to figure out how you can take years off your appearance this summer? The Doctors shared some new procedures, products and techniques that can help with everything from Smoker’s Lines to Looking Hot in Photos. They also invited beauty expert Kate Somerville to share her products, including the Dermal Quench Liquid LiftComplexion Correction & Exfolicate products you can use at home.

Ellen: The Help Star Octavia Spencer

Did you see the beloved movie The Help in theaters last summer? If not, this weekend is a great chance for you to buy or rent The Help and watch it with your family. Ellen DeGeneres talked with actress Octavia Spencer, who starred in the film, about why it resonated with audience and the career success she has seen as a result.

The Doctors: Lead In Your Lipstick?

Did you know that the average woman will eat a pound of lipstick in her lifetime, just from regular use? This is something you might want to know about, because lab testing shows that many lipstick brands contain amounts of lead. Find out what the FDA had to say, and what you should do to protect yourself.

Talk Show Recaps: June 25-29

Here is a look back at the rest of the week’s talk show highlights and recaps, in case you missed them.

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