Backstreet Boys Reunion & Best Plate Color for Portion Control

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Backstreet Boys Reunion & Best Plate Color for Portion Control

By on August 31, 2012

August 31 2012 Talk Shows

With summer winding down, August 31 2012 talk shows featured ideas for shifting into fall by tweaking your diet. If you’re looking for a weekend movie pick, cast members from The Bourne Legacy and Moneyball were making the rounds to chat about these recent hits. Here’s what you missed on August 31 2012 talk shows.

Good Morning America: Backstreet Boys Reunion

Backstreet Boys Reunion: August 31 2012 Talk Shows

August 31 2012 talk show highlights included a Backstreet Boys reunion. (Adam J. Sablich /

The phenomenally successful ’90s pop group is getting the band back together for a Backstreet Boys reunion. They teamed up for a Good Morning America concert and announced plans for a new album and 2013 cruise with fans. Check out the song they dedicated to Robin Roberts and why one member said now was the time for the gang to regroup.

Dr Oz: Microwave Salmon Minute Recipe

Dr Oz viewers sent in their ideas for microwave meals you can make in just minutes. One of this week’s contenders is an easy and healthy Ginger Salmon Recipe that you can try out for a great dinner after a long day. Also check out the Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla from this segment.

The Doctors: Best Plate Color for Portion Control

Could the color of your plate hold the key to weight loss? The answer may be yes. The Doctors did their own experiment based on a recent study, and confirmed that the color of your place settings has a psychological effect on what you are eating. Find out which plate color is best to help you keep portion size in mind.

The Bourne Legacy: Jeremy Renner & Rachel Weisz

From The Bourne Legacy, actors Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz joined Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Chris Harrison to talk about their summer reboot of the Matt Damon franchise. Jeremy bragged about doing his own stunts, and Rachel talked about adjusting to life as an American.

Moneyball: Brad Pitt Scares Co-Star Chris Pratt

From last fall’s hit baseball flick Moneyball, stars Brad Pitt and Chris Pratt hung out with Ellen. Brad talked about his Angelina Jolie marriage plans and baseball scar, while co-star Chris Pratt shared his fears of working with the A-list Pitt.

Talk Show Recaps: August 31 2012

Here are the full recaps for August 31 2012 talk shows.

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