Calcium Heart Disease Risk & Taylor Swift “22” Music Video Premiere


March 13 2013 Talk Shows

Is there a link between calcium and heart disease in women? Have you seen the new Taylor Swift video for “22”? Check out these and more highlights from March 13 talk shows.

The Doctors: Calcium Heart Disease Risk In Women?

Calcium Heart Disease Risk & Taylor Swift "22" Music Video Premiere

March 13 talk shows explored a potential calcium heart disease risk for women, the new Taylor Swift music video for “22,” and why people bet on weight loss.


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    , Speak now is my favorite album to leitsn to but I wish she could recapture the magic between music, lyrics, and production that was on every track off fearless. Thus far, none of the red tracks have that. (but I do love the offerings so far, they’re fun) I think if she wrote with her older adult self singing these songs in mind, she would produce amazing music.

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