Clint Eastwood Chair Speech & Mitt Romney on Kelly & Michael

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Clint Eastwood Chair Speech & Mitt Romney on Kelly & Michael

By on September 18, 2012

September 18 2012 Talk Shows

The political race is heating up this week, and two key Republican figures who’ve been making headlines stopped by September 18 2012 talk shows. Find out what Clint Eastwood says now about his infamous speech at the Republican National Convention. Plus, get the story of the Romneys in their own words, as told to Kelly & Michael.

Ellen: Clint Eastwood Chair Speech at the RNC

Clint Eastwood Chair Speech: September 18 2012 Talk Shows

September 18 2012 talk show highlights: Ellen asked about the Clint Eastwood chair speech; Mitt & Ann Romney opened up on Kelly & Michael. (Featureflash /

Ellen invited acting legend Clint Eastwood on her show to promote his latest movie, but she couldn’t help asking about his recent performance at the Republican National Convention. Clint talked about his performance and why he said he’s not a Republican or a Democrat.

Daytime Exclusive: Mitt & Ann Romney

Republic Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann made a special appearance on Live with Kelly & Michael. They talked about their decades-long romance, how they cope with the hectic pace of life on the campaign trail, and what it’s like for Ann Romney to live each day while managing MS (Multiple Sclerosis). They also answered rapid fire questions about pop culture.

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Good Morning America: TV’s Top 5 Dads

Viewer votes helped to name the top 5 dads in TV history. Did your favorite make the list? Count down the results and find out the dads spanning four decades who made this list. Who is your favorite fictional father figure?

Talk Show Recaps: September 18 2012

Here are the day’s full episode recaps from favorite talk shows, in case you missed anything.

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