The Doctors: Medical Procedure Is Unnecessary? & Ellen: Cate Blanchett


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With new seasons and new episodes on the way, some favorite TV talk shows shared replays of informative and memorable episodes from the past year. The Doctors tackled topics involving inappropriate medical care and questionable diagnoses. Plus, Ellen offered thoughts on TV commercials and spoke with Oscar winner Cate Blanchett.

The Drs: Doctor Gives Patients Unnecessary Chemotherapy & Over-Treatment

The Doctors: Medical Procedure Is Unnecessary? & Ellen: Cate Blanchett

How do you know when a medical procedure is unnecessary? The Doctors tackled topics revolving around second opinions and harmful diagnoses on a recent show. (Pressmaster /



  1. françoise lefebvre says

    w¸hen I went to the hospital last week, to be operated for a new hip the doctor refused to operate me because as he said. I don`t have pain. Which was true as I told him myself. But the reason I was there is because I saw on internet with him that I had no hip on my left side.I was in a jewish hospital with a jewish doctor. So what`s the conclusion of this. I should see him in march 2015. I said o.k. and I left…Was he really honest as a friend told me.
    Thank you for reading me.

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