Genetically Modified Food Guide & Sleep Diet Overnight Weight Loss

By on August 17, 2012

August 17 2012 Talk Shows

To wrap up the week, August 17 2012 talk shows discussed warnings about GMO foods and how you can even lose weight on a Sleep Diet that works as you slumber. Kelly Ripa had a few surprising new trends, and the Today Show ladies got to learn a Mushroom Tempura recipe. Check out these August 17 2012 talk show highlights.

The Doctors: GMOs & Genetically Modified Food

Genetically Modified Food: August 17 2012 Talk Shows

Are you eating Genetically Modified Food? Learn what to look for while shopping as part of the August 17 2012 talk show highlights.

Are you eating genetically modified food? The answer is probably yes, and you may not even know it. But The Doctors explained how you can tell on your next trip to the grocery store what you are actually putting in your cart and on your dinner table. Get their guide to GMOs so you know what to watch for.

The Doctors: Cracking the Code to Genetically Modified Foods

Dr Oz’s Sleep Diet: Lose Weight Overnight

What if you could take advantage of a diet while you are asleep? Dr Oz and his guest said that possibility is a reality and discussed four changes you can make to your evening routine that can ensure you get better rest and actually shed some of that unwanted waistline while you dream.

Sleep Diet: Lose Weight While You Dream with Valerian Root & Calcium

Live With Kelly: Bondage Swimwear & Taxi Vomit Fees

Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Michael Strahan discussed a few interesting recent trends. This summer, bondage swimwear is in, and an Australian Olympic swimmer is one of many women exhibiting the trend. Meanwhile, Chicago cab drivers are now charging an extra fee to passengers who vomit in the cab.

John Travolta & Andrew Garfield: Live With Kelly August 17 2012 Recap

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Mushroom Tempura Recipe

From New Jersey restaurant The Orange Squirrel, Francesco Palmieri visited Kathie Lee and Hoda to show off some of his recipes. Check out how you can make the Mushroom Tempura recipe this weekend, or get a taste of his Broccoli Gratin Recipe.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Francesco Palmieri Mushroom Tempura Recipe

Channing Tatum Bares All For Ellen

From serious to stripper, Channing Tatum is showing off his acting range this year in movies. He chatted with Ellen about some of his interesting habits, including his stripper past and whether he sleeps naked. Find out his steamy answers to Ellen’s probing questions.

Ellen: Channing Tatum Sleeps Naked & Dirty Dances With His Dog

Talk Show Recaps: August 17 2012

Here’s a roundup of everything else from the August 17 2012 talk shows.

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Comments to Genetically Modified Food Guide & Sleep Diet Overnight Weight Loss

  1. Carol Steele says:

    What are the exact amounts for Bedtime Beer?

  2. Carol Steele says:

    What are the exact amounts in the receipe used for Bedtime Beer?

  3. Carol Steele says:

    What are the exact amounts used in the receipe Bedtime Beer?

  4. I don’t think Dr Oz mentioned specific amounts. Maybe the hops extract would have recommended dosage instructions, though. If nothing else, you can experiment with it to your own tastes.

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