Get Organized! 1-2-3 Bedroom, Bathroom & Mail Organization Advice

By on September 16, 2012

Talk Show Highlights: Get Organized

Fall means vacation is over and it’s time to head back to school or work. This is a great time to get serious and get organized so you can start the season off on the right foot. Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show got some great advice about organizing some things around the house to make life a little easier, from your morning bathroom routine to the last moments before your head hits the pillow.

How To Organize Your Bathroom

Get Organized! 1-2-3 Bedroom, Bathroom & Mail Organization Advice

Find out how to get organized using the 1-2-3 rule for your bedroom nightstand and take control of organization in the office and bathroom.

We use the bathroom for so many functions, like the call of nature, hygiene maintenance, and even our daily beauty routines. Find out how you can find more space for all your bathroom accessories with thoughtful and creative products like JR Watkins Room Spray and even a toilet tank storage shelf.

Powerhouse Smoothie Recipe on The Doctors

Would you like to get more veggies in your diet on the go? As is often the case, a smoothie is a great way to pack a nutrient-rich meal into a travel mug and hit the road. Check out the Powerhouse Smoothie Recipe from The Doctors that you can have as a quick breakfast or even lunch.

Command Central Review & Magazine Files: Keeping Mail Organized

Did you know the average person will spend eight months of her life just sorting through all the mail that comes in? If that seems unreasonable, or if you’re tired of shuffling junk mail between piles, learn how you can put a stop to unwanted marketing messages, and what you can use in your home or office to keep everything sorted neatly.

1-2-3 Rule To Organize Your Bedroom

Is your nightstand clutter getting out of control? Kathie Lee and Hoda learned the nightstand 1-2-3 rule for what should be kept by your bedside to avoid clutter creep. Plus, get the inside scoop on bamboo drawer organizers and creative ways to make the most of the space you have, so you can relax in your bedroom and still have a place for everything.

Sleep Phones Review: Pajamas for Your Ears?

If you’ve spent a fun day getting organized, you may be too excited to sleep (or maybe you are just an insomniac). Check out the Sleep Phones headphones you can comfortably wear to bed, as featured this week on The Doctors. Find out why they caught the attention of Dr Travis Stork, and what you could be losing out on if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep.

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