Lisa Rinna Plump Lips Secret & Michelle Obama’s American Grown

By on August 16, 2012

August 16 2012 Talk Shows

August 16 2012 talk show highlights included beauty secrets from Lisa Rinna, who finally revealed how she keeps her lips so full. Dr Oz discussed Vaniqa for upper lip hair. The First Lady showed off her jump roping skills on Live With Kelly. These are just a few August 16 2012 talk show highlights, so read on to find out more.

The Doctors: Lisa Rinna Plump Lips Secret

Lisa Rinna Plump Lips Secret: August 16 2012 Talk Shows

Get the secrets behind Lisa Rinna’s plump lips and other August 16 2012 talk show highlights. (Featureflash /

Actress Lisa Rinna is known for her iconic plump lips, and she shared her insider secret to the full, luscious look. You won’t believe what it is! She and The Doctors discussed some other beauty secrets as well, like an Egg White Facial, Exfoliant Scrub, and her crafty Puffy Eye Remedy. You’ll never have to visit the beautician again!

The Doctors: Egg White Facial, Lip Plumper & Lisa Rinna’s Remedies

Live With Kelly: First Lady Michelle Obama’s American Grown

Kelly Ripa and Bryant Gumbel revisited their conversation with First Lady Michelle Obama, who talked about life in the White House and inspiring citizens to grow their own gardens. What’s it like trying to raise young children in such an abnormal environment? And did you know the First Lady can double dutch? The hosts also discussed her recent book, American Grown.

Live With Kelly: First Lady Michelle Obama Interview

Justin Timberlake: Growing Up With Ryan Gosling

From the recent movie In Time, Justin Timberlake visited his old pal Ellen. They discussed his latest film role and what it was like growing up with close friend Ryan Gosling, his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse co-star. Plus, did you know Justin participated in The Beauty Book to raise money for brain cancer research?

Ellen: Justin Timberlake ‘In Time’ Review, Ryan Gosling & The Beauty Book

Dr Oz: Vaniqa Review for Upper Lip Hair

What causes upper lip hair? The answers are hormones and aging, two things Dr Oz often talks a lot about. In this segment, he and another doctor explained how Vaniqa cream, an FDA-approved treatment, helps to block upper lip hair from growing, so you don’t have to be self-conscious anymore. Do you think it’s worth the price?

Dr Oz: Vaniqa Review: FDA-Approved Upper Lip Hair Removal Cream

1953 Trivia: Highest Grossing Film, Gas Prices & Most Popular Song

For Kathie Lee’s birthday, she and Hoda Kotb played 1953 trivia, answering questions about the year she was born. Learn about the most popular songs from that year, the most successful movie, and how much it cost to get a gallon of gas or a bottle of wine. Let’s just say the ladies wouldn’t go broke drinking their breakfast cocktails at 1950s prices.

1953 Trivia: Highest Grossing Film, Gas Prices & Most Popular Song

Talk Show Recaps: August 16 2012

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