London Olympics Medal Recap & Dancing With the Stars All Star Partners

By on August 13, 2012

August 13 2012 Talk Shows

August 13 2012 talk shows explored sunscreen labeling, an Olympics recap, and the legacy of Friends. Plus, find out who’s dancing with whom on the all star season of Dancing With The Stars and get some Food Network recipes. Check out these August 13 2012 talk show highlights.

London Olympics Recap: Michael Phelps & Gabby Douglas

August 13 2012 Talk Shows: London Olympics

A London Olympics recap of Michael Phelps’ 22-medal record was an August 13 2012 talk show highlight. (Sergei Bachlakov /

After 17 days of games and glory, the 2012 London Olympics have now come to a close. What was your favorite moment from the games? Kathie Lee & Hoda counted down some of the top moments and blunders from the last two weeks, including Michael Phelps’ winning-est record.

London Olympics 2012 Highlights: Michael Phelps & Gabby Douglas

The Doctors: What Happened To Waterproof Sunscreen?

Have you been unable to find Waterproof Sunscreen this summer? That’s because of new labeling regulations that are preventing companies from misleading consumers. The Doctors discussed ways to protect yourself from the sun and take care of your skin. Learn the difference between UVA vs UVB rays.

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen & What Happened To Waterproof Sunblock?

GMA: Dancing With The Stars All Stars Revealed

The new fall season of Dancing With The Stars is reuniting some of the best and most popular dancers from past seasons for an all star spin around the dance floor. Find out which stars are back, and whom they’ll be paired with as they compete once again for the trophy. Did your favorite make the list?

Dancing With The Stars All Stars Cast: Pamela Anderson & Bristol Palin

Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy: Friends & Phoebe Buffay

Lisa Kudrow is the star of Showtime’s Web Therapy, and she chatted with Kelly Ripa this morning about the new season of her comedy. Did you know it’s been nearly 20 years since Friends debuted? Find out how Lisa said her character of Phoebe changed her life.

Live With Kelly: Lisa Kudrow “Web Therapy” Interview

Food Network: Ranch Dressing & Vegetable Chili Recipes

Skip the preservatives and make your own healthy dressings and recipes at home. Dr Oz went inside the Food Network test kitchen and emerged with some yummy recipes that will make you feel better about a light veggie chili or a little extra homemade ranch dressing.

Dr Oz: Food Network Veggie Chili & Ranch Dressing Diet Recipes

August 13 2012 Talk Show Recaps

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