Miraval Cucumber Mint Water Recipe & Molly Ringwald Betrayal Stories

By on August 15, 2012

Talk Show Highlights: August 15 2012

August 15 2012 talk shows featured beautiful faces and affordable, relaxing ideas for creating a home spa. Get advice from the experts at Miraval, who revealed their signature Cucumber Mint Water Recipe. Check in with 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings, and see the creative outlet Molly Ringwald has found for feelings of betrayal. Check out these August 15 2012 talk show highlights.

Miraval Spa Signature Drink: Cucumber Mint Water Recipe

Cucumber Mint Water Recipe: August 15 2012 Talk Shows

Miraval Spa’s Cucumber Mint Water Recipe from Dr Oz was a featured highlight from August 15 2012 talk shows.

You don’t have to go broke getting away from your troubles. The staff of Miraval Spa shared a few of their relaxing insider secrets with the Dr Oz audience. Learn how they use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy and get the Cucumber Mint Water Recipe that makes their memorable signature drink.

Dr Oz: Rose Water & Cucumber Mint Water Recipes | Essential Oils

Molly Ringwald: When It Happens To You

’80s movie star Molly Ringwald is busier than ever these days. She is a proud mom and now a published novelist. Her new book, When It Happens To You, is a series of interconnected short stories that form a novel. The stories have a theme of betrayal, which Molly explained to Kathie Lee and Hoda is a universal experience.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Molly Ringwald When It Happens To You Review

Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton: Woman Walks After 6 Years in Wheelchair

The Doctors shared the remarkable story of a woman confined to a wheelchair who now has the chance to walk again. That’s thanks to new research that developed the Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton, which is changing the conversation about paralysis. This technology could have amazing applications as research continues, and in Tamara’s case, she is overjoyed to be walking once again.

The Doctors: Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton Review

Ellen: Kat Dennings in 2 Broke Girls

Kat Dennings is one of the stars of the CBS hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls. She chatted with Ellen about the show’s stunning success, her career so far, and favorite fashion choices. Plus, she made the Maxim Hot 100 list, so it’s a great year to be Kat Dennings.

Ellen: Kat Dennings ’2 Broke Girls’ & Maxim Hot 100

Live With Kelly: SoulCycle, Happiness & Longevity

Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Bryant Gumbel discussed a study from the Journal of Aging that found people who are happier live longer than people who are not. They also discussed how exercise can play a role in happiness, comparing SoulCycle classes to the VersaClimber machine.

Jenny McCarthy & Cat Deeley: Live With Kelly August 15 2012 Recap

August 15 2012 Talk Show Recaps

For more from the day’s top talkers, here are the full recaps from August 15 2012 episodes.

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