Top 5 Talk Shows: July 26 2012

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Top 5 Talk Shows: July 26 2012

By on July 26, 2012

Talk Show Highlights: July 26 2012

July 26 2012 talk shows were abuzz with new beauty trends and summer action movies. From home facial masks to innovative cosmetic procedures, you can learn a new approach to freshen your look before fall. Also, big films such as Battleship and The Campaign have been hitting theaters this summer. Check out these popular stories from July 26 2012 talk shows.

The Doctors: Sonya Dakar Volcano Mask Review

Sonya Dakar Volcano Mask Review: July 26 2012 Talk Shows

A review of the Sonya Dakar Volcano Mask was a hot beauty story from July 26 2012 talk shows.

Beauty trends are always a hot topic, because everyone wants the latest fashionable look or skin care secret. The Doctors shared the new Sonya Dakar Volcano Mask and also explained how you can create the perfect eyebrow shape in your own bathroom.

Sonya Dakar Volcano Mask Review & How To Get Perfect Brow Shape

Laviv Vs Lipsonix: Cosmetic Beauty Treatments

Women want to know how they can give themselves a fresh new look without going under the knife. Kathie Lee and Hoda got a look at some popular new procedures, including Laviv and Liposonix treatments. Plus, did you know that a dermatologist can now microwave your sweat glands to help reduce excessive perspiration?

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Laviv Vs Liposonix Cosmetic Treatment Reviews

Battleship Star Taylor Kitsch: New York Vs LA

Before making it big in movies and TV, Friday Night Lights and John Carter star Taylor Kitsch actually spent several months homeless. He compared his experiences with homelessness in New York Vs LA and talked about working on the recent summer action flick Battleship.

Ellen: Taylor Kitsch Used To Be Homeless & ‘Battleship’ Review

Dylan McDermott Naked: The Campaign Too Hot Deleted Scene

Last fall, Dylan McDermott wasn’t shy about stripping down in the FX horror drama American Horror Story. Apparently he is back at it again in the new summer comedy The Campaign, but one of his nude scenes was too hot for the final film. Dylan McDermott said you’ll have to wait for the DVD to get an answer about his manscaping habits.

Live With Kelly: Dylan McDermott “The Campaign” Interview

Dr Oz: Microwave Breakfast Pizza Recipe

Getting a good breakfast doesn’t have to be impossible, no matter how busy your day is or how late you wake up. Dr Oz shared some healthy microwaveable recipes you can throw together in a hurry to start your morning off right, such as his Microwave Breakfast Pizza Recipe and Southwest Omelet Recipe.

Dr Oz: Southwest Omelet & Mediterranean Breakfast Pizza Recipes

July 26 2012 Talk Show Recaps

Here are the full recaps for the day’s biggest shows.

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