Top 5 TV Shows of the Day: July 16 2012

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Top 5 TV Shows of the Day: July 16 2012

By on July 16, 2012

Top 5 Shows: July 16 2012

Would you buy a cupcake from a 24 hour vending machine? Do you want an inspired take on classic American fare for your family dinner? Check out these highlights from July 16 2012 talk shows to get caught up on the day’s beset advice and interviews.

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM & How To Make Cupcakes Healthier

July 16 2012 Talk Shows: Cupcakes

Do you want to have your cupcake and eat it too? Get The Doctors half calorie cupcake advice and other July 16 2012 talk show highlights.

The Doctors team shared their summer diet advice and weighed in on the latest LA snack craze. Have you heard about the 24 hour cupcake vending machine? The Doctors didn’t come up with a cupcake diet, but they did share how to cut the calories on your cupcake in half.

The Drs: Sprinkles Cupcake ATM & How To Make Cupcakes Healthier

Crushed New Potato Salad Recipe & Quick Skillet Roast Chicken Recipe

Do you want to whip up a homestyle dinner with a twist? Check out this New York Times columnist’s takes on roast chicken and potato salad that will have your whole family asking for seconds. See what makes these dishes a little more special than average fare.

Crushed New Potato Salad & Quick Skillet Roast Chicken Recipes

Live With Kelly: Kristin Davis on Broadway

You remember her as Charlotte from Sex and the City. But now Kristin Davis is taking on a new role in the Broadway production of “The Best Man.” Best of all, her co-star is a familiar face as well: actor John Stamos. But did you know John said he’s never seen a single episode of Sex and the City? Do you believe him? Kristin talked with Kelly and Josh Groban about life with their one-year-old daughter.

Live With Kelly: Kristin Davis “The Best Man” Interview

Dr Oz: Skinny Cocktail Recipes

Summer is for sipping drinks by the pool, but all the sugar in most cocktails isn’t going to help you keep that bikini body. Check out the Skinny Margarita Recipe and Skinny Sangria Recipe featured on Dr Oz’s show, so you can enjoy your beverages while you lay out, without the added sugar and calories.

Skinny Margarita Recipe & Skinny Sangria Recipe: Dr Oz Diet Cocktails

July 16 2012 Talk Show Recaps

Want more recipes, insights, and interviews? Check out the full recaps for July 16 2012 talk shows.

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